Global Brigades is an international non-profit that empowers communities to meet their health and economic goals through university volunteers and local teams.

Engineering Clean Water Systems

Volunteers work for 7-9 days in remote and rural Honduras to test and determine flow rates of water sources, plan piping routes, and design water system infrastructure with the support of local engineers.

Volunteer Activities

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Community Water Assessment

Volunteers will visit a community to meet with both leaders and families to learn about their community, water sources, assets and needs. Volunteers work to understand the limitations and challenges of current water sources and collect water samples. The volunteers then work with local staff to provide a recommendation on feasible solutions.


Mapping, Surveying and Project Design

Volunteers work alongside local GEB engineers and technical staff to measure, map, and design components of a new system or improve existing designs. Volunteers will also create a budget and material lists while taking into account community feedback.


System Design Presentation

Volunteers meet with the community to explain the details of the water system design, including budget and proposed timeline. Staff and volunteers ensure the entire community and leaders take ownership of the plan and understand what they will need to get done in order to bring water to their community.


Water System Follow-up

Volunteers visit a community where a past completed water project has been implemented in order to provide follow-up. Volunteers meet with community leaders and review the operation, maintenance, and current state of the water system.


Water System Construction

The water system designed during the Engineering Brigade does not be get implemented until our local staff has identified funding sources, setup a Basic Sanitation Committee, and the community agrees to pay monthly fees to the local committee for on-going maintenance. Volunteers can help by extending their stay to support construction of a water system that is in the building phase in a different community.


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